All of the Kindergarten through fourth grade students give a great big cheer whenever it is Tiki time. “What is Tiki”? you might ask. He is our super hero flying backpack friend who comes to share his wisdom on how we can be even better friends. With smiling happy faces, we sing our “Tiki Theme Song”; you can feel the energy and excitement in the lunchroom. We listen closely to our recess scenario and discuss the lessons that we learn from the story. Our Tiki cases have included:

  • The power of our words
  • A joke isn’t a joke unless everyone enjoys it
  • We are not allowed to force someone to say or do something that they don’t want
  • The power of the group can stop this!
  • The right thing is to include everyone
  • We are all winners when no one gets hurt along the way
  • We don’t put someone down – we don’t do that here, we build up
  • Stop, Think and feel about how others may feel – if the group leaves someone out because there is no room.

We each have our very own Tiki wallets. We love collecting our Tiki wisdom cards and sharing them with our family and friends. Tiki really has a lesson for everyone. We now have a Tiki victory box where students can fill out a card to share how they made recess better for someone or when they see a friend do for others. Please ask us to share our favorite way to make recess fun for everyone!

For more information or any question about our Tiki program please contact Mrs. Plotnick –