13th Annual Inter-Generational Model Seder

Our 7th and 8th grade students were magnificent in leading the community’s Inter-generational Model Seder at the WJCC this past Monday. This year was an especially large crowd with close to 200 people in attendance (even with the inclement weather!)

Everyone was enthralled with the students, whose poise and confidence were a cen-terpiece of the great success of this event. RTA could not ask for finer ambassadors in the Jewish community, and we are very proud of all of you.

This year’s Seder was the third one conducted in partnership with the Enrich Program, a joint initiative of Jewish Family Services and the Weinstein JCC. Many seniors from Beth Sholom Home also participated, helping to make this a perfect example of inter-agency cooperation and a true Community Event.

Our many thanks for this event go to:
Mrs, Sandy Sisisky
Mrs. Shari Barck
Mr. Kenny Bendheim
Mrs. Gail Grandis
Mrs. Ilene Paley
Mrs. Harriet Owens
Mrs. Adrienne Winkelmann
Mrs. Sorah Plotnick
Mrs. Helen Griffin
Mr. Keith Rakofsky