RTA Food Policies

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At RTA the safety and well-being of our students is of paramount importance.  Since food is involved in many parts of our day from lunch and snack to celebrations and after school activities, we have strict food policies to ensure that every student is safe and to maximize inclusiveness.  We strive to accommodate allergies and food sensitivity issues, adhere to kosher standards and promote the overall health of our students.


RTA is a peanut, nut & sesame sensitive school.

Peanuts and sesame are not allowed.

Tree nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) are not allowed for snacks.  Tree nuts are allowed at lunch only.

All children with serious allergies must have on file at school a medical action plan/form signed by the child’s pediatrician or allergist.  (please visit the website www.foodallergy.orgfor a sample allergy emergency care plan)

We ask that all parents take the extra time to read food labels when sending anything to school, as many unexpected products present issues – as an example, even some brands of plain bagels may contain sesame.

Products which say “May contain traces” (of peanuts and/or sesame) or “manufactured in same facility”/“made on shared equipment” are acceptable.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


There is a strict “no sharing food” policy throughout the school.

In order to alleviate various problems, meat lunches should not be brought to school.

Many parents choose to bring cake or other special items for birthday celebrations or when students reach certain milestones in class.  Since these foods are generally shared, please adhere to the following policies when bringing in food for others:

  • Whenever food is brought in for a classroom party, birthday, or other occasion, it must be brought by the office for approval.
  • If bringing in dairy items to be shared, please make every effort to include a pareve option.  For a list of pareve snack and lunch ideas please see the back of this handbook.
  • In addition to the sensitivity to allergies and kosher supervision, it is preferred that food brought into school for birthdays, class parties or other occasions be healthy rather than in the “junk food” category. 


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