RJCE Passover Family Gala

//RJCE Passover Family Gala

RJCE Passover Family Gala

A special pre-Pesach extravaganza brought all segments of the Richmond Jewish community to the Weinstein JCC this past Sunday. Sponsored by the Richmond Council of Jewish Educators, this event brought RTA and all the Synagogue Hebrew schools together for a delightful array of educational, fun Pesach-themed programs.

There was the Chabad matzah bakery, Pesach Bingo, assemble your very own 10 plagues collection, charoset sampling, arts & crafts and much more. Families from every synagogue participated, and children of all ages enjoyed the potpourri of activities.

Kudos to the entire RCJE committee for all of their hard work on this great collaborative event, and we are grateful to our RTA helpers and volunteers – Mrs. Judy Lessin, Mrs. Sorah Plotnick, Mrs. Meggie Hirsch, Dr. Bob Weisberger, Mrs. Heather Dinkin & Rabbi Menachem Sherman