A note from Our Principal

Dear Friend,

Welcome to The Rudlin Torah Academy website, where you can glimpse a picture of the magic that takes place in our school every single day. In RTA, children learn to love learning, explore the beauty of our heritage, and strive for greatness in an environment that is open, warm, and nurturing.

In RTA we teach the whole child, inspiring a thirst for knowledge and wisdom that is intellectual, ethical, and spiritual. We are a diverse family, welcoming students and families from all Jewish backgrounds into an environment that is inclusive and accepting.

Celebrating a half-century of service in the Richmond Jewish community, RTA has enriched the lives of over 1,500 alumni with an outstanding dual program. Our graduates are superbly prepared to meet the challenges of the modern world as evidenced by their acceptance and success in the best private and public school programs in Richmond. Their Jewish knowledge and confidence radiates into every facet of their lives. RTA students have a well-deserved reputation in our community as independent thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and leaders of their peers.

The recipe for our track record of success is three-fold:

Accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, RTA is also a proud member of the National Society of Hebrew Day Schools.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website, and invite you to come visit our school in person anytime. We are confident that when you do, you will see just what we mean by “that RTA magic!”

All the best,

Rabbi Yosef Bart, Principal

Rabbi Yosef Bart

3809 Patterson Ave, Richmond, VA 23221
Phone: (804) 353-1110