Rabbi M. Sherman – Jewish Studies

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Rabbi M. ShermanJewish Studies
Rabbi M. Sherman
Jewish Studies

Born in Calgary, Canada in 1988, Rabbi Menachem Sherman moved with his family to Richmond a few years later, and attended RTA for grades K-8. He was a member of YVA’s first freshman class and stayed for four years, graduating in 2006. After high school, Menachem studied by Rav Chaim Ilson for two years at Derech HaTalmud Institute in Jerusalem. He then continued his learning in Richmond at the Yeshiva of Virginia College of Jewish Studies under Rabbi Chaim Ozer Chait, where he received his bachelors in Talmudic law and served as dorm counselor at YVA for several years.

In 2011, Menachem moved to San Diego, where he managed a brach of the LenMar Consulting Group for two years, and he married Arielle Gorman in 2012. While in California, Menachem also taught at SOILLE San Diego Hebrew Day School from 2011-2013.  Menachem and Arielle relocated to Israel in 2013, shortly after their son, Abe, was born. In Israel, Menachem taught at Yeshivat Migdal HaTorah in Modiin, Israel, and continued his learning and received rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Chait. The family moved back to Richmond in 2014, and Menachem started a business called Breathe Easy VA, which sells voluntary sobriety tests to help keep drunk drivers off the road.  Menachem also runs Jewish education programming for unaffiliated students in conjunction with the local Hillel at Virginia Commonwealth University, and he leads the local division of the Maimonides Leaders Fellowship at VCU.  Arielle is currently the NCSY director for the city of Richmond, a participant of the Atlantic Seaboard Region.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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