Parent Volunteer Association

[fusion_text]The Rudlin Torah Academy Parent Volunteer Organization is a vibrant organization of parent volunteers dedicated to enhancing the total educational experience of our children, and simultaneously promoting RTA as a warm environment for the entire family to grow together.

The PVA’s significance in helping the entire school community is easily seen by the large number of projects and programs that it plans and implements, including:

  • Back to School picnic
  • Sukkos dinner
  • School pictures
  • RTA Café
  • Chanukah Happening
  • Family and parent socials
  • Shaloch Manos fundraiser
  • Staff appreciation luncheon
  • Graduation party

There are also the “little things” that our PVA is always there taking care of: From providing the candy for Shabbos treats to setting up class “mothers” to welcoming a new family into the school, we can always count on our PVA. The PVA welcomes any and all parents to join us. Whether it is volunteering to assist at an event, help plan a new one, or just to participate in one of our many programs, we are happy to have you be a part of us! To get involved, just call the school office at 804-353-1110 or email[/fusion_text]