The Rudlin Torah Academy (RTA) provides the highest quality Jewish and General Education to children in grades K-8. Open to Jewish youth of all backgrounds, RTA prepares its students to meet the challenges of modern society by promoting educational excellence, instilling an appreciation and love of Judaism and Torah, and imbuing respect for all humanity. Our graduates are responsible community servants, role models, future leaders, and lifelong learners. RTA is an integral and integrated part of the Richmond Jewish Community.

In providing excellent Jewish and General Education, RTA:

  • Creates an environment where all of our students and families feel welcome, engaged, and respected;
  • Inspires our students ethically, morally, and spiritually;
  • Promotes a love of and sense of responsibility for the people and state of Israel;
  • Provides instruction and learning opportunities that challenge our students to reach their maximum level of language proficiency in modern Hebrew;
  • Implements state of the art technology and environmentally responsible practices;
  • Develops enriching extracurricular, after school, and arts programming;
  • Emphasizes community service to foster a strong sense of social and civic responsibility; and
  • Strengthens relationships with local Jewish organizations through creative and innovative programs and activities.

RTA’s mission is best achieved by an active partnership involving students, parents, administrators, teachers, staff, and the community. Open lines of communication, straightforward assessments of challenges and opportunities, and thoughtful, transparent decision-making and planning are vital for the continued success of our program, our students, and the Richmond Jewish community.