The RTA CED (Career Education and Development) program for middle school students welcomed Dr. Allen Cohen, renowned inventor, optometrist, patent attorney and entrepreneur, for our second presentation on November 17th. The students gathered to hear and learn from Dr. Cohen’s immense knowledge on a variety of issues. 

Dr. Cohen began the talk by explaining different career paths and comparing the benefits of owning your own busi-ness versus working for someone else. He then polled the class to see who had aspirations of being an entrepreneur themselves (a surprisingly high number!).

Dr. Cohen enumerated the many decisions and challenges that face a new business owner. He did so by drawing from his own experiences starting a chain of doughnut shops. 

Dr. Cohen then switched his focus to show the students that the best chance of success and fulfillment in a career is choosing an area that one is passionate about and truly loves. That lead our speaker to his eventual career in combining his love of physics and ophthalmology to develop his very complex, most successful invention – a contact lens bifocal using a hologram. That unique invention was eventually patented and is now used in about 90% of contact lens bifocals! This continued to a discussion on the inner workings of the human eye and what would have to happen to cure certain types of blindness. 

The program ended with a short Q&A from our inquisitive students on a range of topics. 

We thank Dr. Cohen for his fascinating presentation and look forward to hearing from many more interesting career speakers in the coming months!