Kindergarten’s Israel Adventure, 2017

//Kindergarten’s Israel Adventure, 2017

Kindergarten’s Israel Adventure, 2017

This past Tuesday the kindergarten class celebrated Israeli Independence Day with a trip to Israel, and had a blast! To truly experience the excitement of visiting the land of Israel, our class experienced a realistic airline experience, which included passports, airline tickets, and a plane ride.

We visited Eilat and snorkeled to see colorful fish, and played with sand and shells. Our visit on the Kibbutz kept us busy, as we fed animals with hay, rode a horse, and gathered eggs. At the Dead Sea we enjoyed playing with sand, and tossing beach balls. A highlight of our trip was visiting the Kotel/Wall in Yerushalyim where we prayed and put a special note into the Wall. We learned Torah in the Yeshiva, and enjoyed buying souvenirs from the Shuk with shekels.

It was great fun climbing Har Hermon, a snow covered mountain in northern Israel, and it even snowed on us! All of us had grueling Army training at Tzahal (Israeli Defense Force) which included an obstacle course and fitness training. In Tel Aviv, we got to relax and eat in the café.

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