Under RTA’s parent involvement program, each family will be involved in direct fundraising and volunteer activities to benefit RTA. It is set up so that you can give your time, get donations, and/or give a direct donation to the school.

Every school year, each family is responsible for raising a total of $1,800.

One-third of that total, $600, is subtracted when a family participates in non-fundraising volunteer activities. See the “Activities” list below.

Examples of Give or Get Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Bingo – Each bingo game worked is worth $200. (Nine games satisfies entire $1800 goal)
  • High Holiday donation/solicitation (dollar-for-dollar credit) Grandparents Day donation/solicitation (dollar-for-dollar credit)
  • Chesed ads – Sell new Chesed ads and receive dollar-for-dollar credit for the amount of ad sales.
  • Sponsors – Sell new sponsorships for the Run-a-Latke 5K or other RTA projects (dollar-for-dollar credit.)
  • Recruitment – Recruit one new family to enroll at RTA. This would fulfill your entire fundraising requirement ($1200).
  • Any direct gift or solicited gift (dollar-for-dollar credit.)
  • Chair an RTA Fundraiser ($600 per event)
  • Donate a professional service (dollar-for-dollar credit)

You may combine any or all of these fundraising opportunities. Other opportunities may become available during the year and will be listed in the V’ahavta. Direct donations are tax-deductible. To discuss your family’s participation and/or to plan your contributions, please email us at GiveOrGet@Rudlin.com

Examples of Give or Get Activities

The following are just a few examples of activities that can be counted toward each family’s credit of one-third of the fundraising total ($600). The examples include:

  • Serve on the RTA/PVA board ($600)
  • Chair an RTA Event ($600)
  • Drive Shalach Manot routes ($100 per route)
  • Any other PVA activity assisted with (ie: cleanup/setup of events, assisting the chair of the event) ($100 per event)
  • Chaperone a field trip ($100)
  • Attend an RTA basketball game ($100 per game)
  • Attend PEP ($100 per night)
  • Take a shift at the Scholastic book fair ($100 per shift)
  • Room Mother ($100)

$600 worth of “Activities” credit is needed to complete this section, but of course everyone is encouraged to pitch in for more than the minimum requirement. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. Please email Tehilla Sherman or Erin Shamberg at GiveOrGet@Rudlin.com if you are unsure whether a specific project qualifies for volunteer credit. To submit credit towards your point total, please email GiveOrGet@Rudlin.com.