RJCE Passover Family Gala

A special pre-Pesach extravaganza brought all segments of the Richmond Jewish community to the Weinstein JCC this past Sunday. Sponsored by the Richmond Council of Jewish Educators, this event brought RTA and all the Synagogue Hebrew schools together for a delightful array of educational, fun Pesach-themed programs. There was the Chabad matzah bakery, Pesach Bingo, [...]

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RTA-JCC 12th Annual Inter-Generational Model Seder

RTA’s Model Seder with the seniors at the WJCC is an annual communal highlight, to which both the seniors and students look forward. The huge crowd of seniors was enthralled with our 7th and 8th grade students, who displayed tremendous class and poise, gliding smoothly from delivering polished words of Torah to socializing with a [...]

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2017 RTA Spelling Bee

This year's RTA Spelling Bee was a treat for all who participated and watched, and a remarkable performance by our talented students. Follow-ing the format we have used in recent years, grades 1-8 held their own in-class spelling bees to determine the winners to represent their respective classes. They were: 1st Grade: Nathan Krumbein & [...]

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Middle School Career Program

The RTA CED (Career Education and Development) program for middle school students welcomed Dr. Allen Cohen, renowned inventor, optometrist, patent attorney and entrepreneur, for our second presentation on November 17th. The students gathered to hear and learn from Dr. Cohen’s immense knowledge on a variety of issues.  Dr. Cohen began the talk by explaining different [...]

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It was an amazing, high-energy First Day of School at RTA! All was smooth sailing - this morning’s student orientation, settling in with our school supplies, and most of all - getting off to an excellent start in the classroom with all our teachers and friends. How would you describe the first day back to school?? [...]

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Dr. William Recant Speaks to The RTA 7th & 8th Grade Class

Thank You Dr. William Recant for taking time to speak with the 7th and 8th grade class about rescue, relief, and renewal of Jewish communities worldwide! View the entire gallery online

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Mazel Tov To The 2016 Graduating Class!

Congratulations to the 2016 Graduating Class! May you have much success in your future endeavors. GRADUATES Nancy Alexander Berel Bart Ari Lehman Miriam Olihnenco Shoshana Paley JacobRakofsky Jenna Stern Michael Zedd

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Our Wonderful Trip to Monticello

The second grade class was privileged to visit the home of our third president, the beautiful historic plantation of Monticello. The students had the most amazing educational trip !!! They loved seeing the beautiful grounds and gardens and played a game, on the West Lawn, that Thomas Jefferson's grandchildren played as children. The second graders loved counting the clocks [...]

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Tiki Victories at RTA

All of the Kindergarten through fourth grade students give a great big cheer whenever it is Tiki time. “What is Tiki”? you might ask. He is our super hero flying backpack friend who comes to share his wisdom on how we can be even better friends. With smiling happy faces, we sing our “Tiki Theme Song”; you can [...]

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MiDor L’dor Program – February 2016

Last week our fourth graders had a really great time participating in our third out of five programs that we have with the group of seniors that meets at the JCC. We are definitely bonding with our buddies, and each time we are getting more and more comfortable with them. The seniors are always so happy and excited to [...]

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