RTA Officers and Board 2020-2021



Vice President, Administration

Vice President, Ways and Means

Vice President, Finance



Immediate Past President

Dr. Tino Habib

Dr. Karen Wharton

Mrs. Robyn Galpern 

Mr. Josh Goldberg

Mrs. Ann Eisenberg

Mr. Avi Gunzburg 

Mr.  David Hecht


One year remaining

Mrs. Ira Korshin

New Terms

Ms. Rebekah Adams

Mr. Yossi Ciment

Mr. Seth Feibelman

Mr. Russell Jennings

Mrs. Sheri Prupis

Dr. Neil Sonenklar

Mrs. Rebecca Kalman-Winston

Dr. Bob Weisberger

Mrs. Daniella Weprin

Article V, Section C of our Constitution and Bylaws states:
“Any Regular Member shall be entitled to make additional nominations provided that the nomination is seconded by at least five (5) additional Regular Members and nomination and seconds submitted in writing with at least six (6) different signatures, ten (10) days before the annual meeting addressed to the president at the school’s current address.”