Better Together Program 

 The Better Together Program is generously supported by a prominent national foundation. 

Our second Better Together event was a huge success!!! We had our very own “Shabbos” celebration that was filled with inspiration. It is so exciting to be part of a growing program. We now have more seniors than students!! 

As soon as we walked in and found seats next to our favorite senior friends, we were each given challah dough. As we chatted about what was new, we helped each other braid the most beautiful challahs! Several students went around and taught students and seniors how to make beautiful six braid challahs. 

This month we were very privileged to hear words of chizuk, (words of inspiration) from Rabbi Baruch Sherman. All listened attentively when Rabbi Sherman spoke about the importance of Jewish continuity and the challenges that our communities all face. He talked about how a program like Better Together is the Shalsheles – the link in the chain of our tradition and how fortunate we are to have this program in our community. He charged the students with listening to the wisdom and life experiences that our amazing seniors have to offer. 

While the delicious challahs were baking in the oven, we partnered up with a senior and began our 

Better Together interviews. The room filled with great stories, ideas, conversations and connections. This is the magical part of Better Together, when seniors and students all share a piece of themselves with each other. 

Students then happily served traditional Shabbat fare – chicken soup with noodles and matzo balls, 

gefilte fish plus fruit and delicious dessert to the seniors. 

Beautifully prepared Shabbat bags were given to each senior by the students. They were filled with can-dles, grape juice, a kiddush cup, recipes and the seniors’ very own challah! 

Students also helped each senior design their own beautiful challah cover!!! 

Thank you to all our senior friends who joined us for this meaningful event. Your time, wisdom and support for our Better Together program are very much appreciated!! 

A huge thank you to all our volunteers who helped with this incredible project!

A special thank you to our Better Together Partner, The Weinstein JCC. 

To join the Better Together Project or for more information please contact Mrs. Sorah Plotnick –