Mission Statement

The alumni committee of the Rudlin Torah Academy is committed to its threefold mission:

  1. To enable alumni to keep in touch with the pulse of RTA via the website, newsletters and other means of communication,
  2. To assist alumni to keep in touch with each other by maintaining an alumni database of information and planning periodic alumni events,
  3. and to provide an ongoing source of financial support for RTA by building the overall alumni awareness of the school’s needs, generating enthusiasm among alumni in the continuing education of the Jewish children of Richmond, and periodically appealing to the alumni for donations to support RTA.


Alumni Updated Information Needed!

Please help us find the addresses and contact information RTA alumni and former students. If you have an address or email of anyone on the list, please email Rabbi Bart, or call 804-353-1110.

2017 Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Videos Graduation Pictures

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2017 Chesed Awards Gala

2017 Chesed Awards Gala The 2017 Chesed Awards Gala on June 6, was by common sentiment one of the greatest and most emotional ever in RTA’s history. [...]

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Accelerated Reader Program

The Accelerated Reader Program has been awarding prizes to students for many years. Students receive points for books they have read and taken tests on through the AR site at school.  This year, students who [...]

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Kindergarten’s Israel Adventure, 2017

This past Tuesday the kindergarten class celebrated Israeli Independence Day with a trip to Israel, and had a blast! To truly experience the excitement of visiting the land of Israel, our class experienced a realistic [...]

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