2018 RTA Graduation

RTA has completed its 52nd year, and the school continues to thrive in its current facility at 3809 Patterson Ave., in Richmond. RTA students excel both in and out of the classroom, and routinely go on to succeed in Richmond’s top high school programs and the finest colleges in America. Our students come from a wide variety of Judaic backgrounds, representing every denomination as well as unaffiliated families.

RTA’s dual program includes an accelerated and enriched curriculum in both general and Jewish studies. In general studies, students in upper middle school perform on a high school level, taking classes which include algebra, civics and economics. The Jewish Studies curriculum includes modern conversational Hebrew, the study of Torah in the original text with commentaries, Talmud, Jewish philosophy, liturgy and history.

We offer generous financial aid, and our new scholarship program makes a priceless private school education available at a public school price for qualifying families.

For more information on RTA or to schedule a school visit, call (804) 353-1110 or visit www.rudlin.com