2017 RTA Spelling Bee

//2017 RTA Spelling Bee

2017 RTA Spelling Bee

This year’s RTA Spelling Bee was a treat for all who participated and watched, and a remarkable performance by our talented students. Follow-ing the format we have used in recent years, grades 1-8 held their own in-class spelling bees to determine the winners to represent their respective classes. They were:

1st Grade: Nathan Krumbein & Sruli Mayer
2nd Grade: Elina Habib & Abby Olihnenco
3rd Grade: Avi Gruber & Dani Plotnick
4th Grade: Skyler Legano & Daneel Olihnenco
5th Grade: Joy Holi & Zalmi Mayer
6th Grade: Aharon Bart & Raphy Francis
(Alternate Gabriel Rakofsky participated in the Bee)
7th Grade: Noam Cahana & Shimon Zitter
8th Grade: Esther Miller & Chana Reinke

Yesterday, teachers and students all watched the school-wide spelling bee competition with the class representatives. It was a most impressive performance by ALL, as every contestant successfully spelled their way through four full rounds, and It wasn’t until the 23rd round (!) that an RTA champion was final.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2017 RTA Spelling Bee – Chana Reinke.
A special shout to our 2nd place finisher, 5th grade student Zalmi Mayer.

Congratulations to all, and best of luck to Chana in representing RTA on January 26th at the Richmond Private School Spelling Bee!


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