RTA is an accredited private Jewish K-8 day school open to Jewish youth of all backgrounds that has been a part of the Richmond Virginia community since 1966.

Why choose RTA for your
child’s education?

  • Our students come from a wide variety of Judaic backgrounds, representing every denomination as well as unaffiliated families.
  • RTA’s dual program includes an accelerated and enriched curriculum in both general and Jewish studies.
  • Founded in 1966 as the Richmond Hebrew Day School, RTA has been a part of the Richmond community for over 50 years!
  • RTA students routinely outperform their public school counterparts in the strong counties of Henrico and Hanover by 15-20 percentile points on standardized tests.
  • RTA classes excel in community service and lead numerous community programs for organizations including the Weinstein JCC, Beth Shalom Home, JFS, and the Friendship Circle of VA.
  • Extra-curricular activities and after-school clubs are offered throughout the year.
  • RTA is a accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) and a member of the National Society of Hebrew Day Schools.
  • Our student to teacher ratio is 10/1.
  • We teach Critical Thinking. Students are taught from an early age how to analyze texts and concepts and how to support their conclusions with logical arguments.
  • We strive to imbue our students with the importance of thoughtfulness and kindness.

RTA students think critically, work collaboratively, and learn to lead.

RTA provides a warm and welcoming environment, valuing and nurturing every child.

RTA imbues each student with traditional Jewish values, inspirational Jewish learning, and a love of Israel.

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